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Fodera Dealer

Bass Loft is now the authorised dealer for critically acclaimed boutique bass makers, Fodera Guitars. The first two basses to arrive to this little red dot will be the Emperor 5 Standard Special and Yin Yang Standard 4 Strings. This is a new exciting journey as Bass Loft stays true to bringing in the best possible instruments available to Asia. Stay tuned for touch down in December. Fodera strings of various gauges and material will be available as well.

More Basses from Shen

Bass Loft has new inventory for SB80, SB100 and SB150 entry level basses. A special SB1000 Solo Model from Shen has also arrived end 2011. It features a sloped shoulder for easy access to high position and bigger lower bout for more volume. This bass sings well under the bow and features a crazily flamed maple back and sides, powerful to be heard in an ensemble or orchestra setting. It definitely moves air under the fingers with the correct strings for jazz as well. Drop me a message for an audition of the bass.

There is also two 400 series fully carved basses from Christopher. A Flatback and Busetto with beautiful dark antique finish.

Also from Christopher is two detachable neck flightcase to be sold individually for those looking to convert their basses into removable necks. These retail at USD$2100. Call for special price from Bass Loft.

New! GigLight from LampCraft

GigLight Compact LED Music Light

The GigLight is the perfect solution fro musicians looking for a premiere but compact clip-on light. It produces at least four times more light than any other clip-on yet folds up to easily fit in an instrument case.

Lightweight, compact and handy, the GigLight music light operates on 4 AA batteries (included) and comes with a soft carry pouch.


I LOVE IT- The brightness and the coverage are excellent.
Sy Helderman Morristown, NJ

I did finally have a chance to use the super gig light (next to someone using the original.) It was fantastic how much more light I had to work with in a very difficult situation. Kicking and screaming about how he wished he'd waited, he went out the next day and ordered three of the new ones.
Andrew Jennings
U of Michigan School of Music
Ann Arbor, MI

Yes, yes, yes! It has great coverage and is small and compact to carry. A great product!
Shelley Johnson Trabuco Canyon, CA

In a word: Incredible!  I didn't think you could do any better than the standard GigLight (I own five), but somehow you have. 
Brightness = A+++++ Coverage = A+ Battery Life = A+ 
Everyone who sees it on my stand goes "Wow, where did you get that?" 
Pete Wolbrette, Principal Trumpet New Leviathan Orchestra New Orleans, LA

This light is the best I've found. It illuminates 2 pages quite well.  I definitely recommend this light. 
Mark Cavitt St. Petersburg, FL

The Super GigLight works as promised. I am extremely happy with the full stand coverage. It provides all the light I need to see my music. So far I have used it for 3 rehearsals and 1 job and the power has not diminished. I would highly recommend it to anyone. 
Greg Grooms Trumpet, St. Louis, MO

The Super GigLight fulfills a long-held hope: I have been waiting for years for an easily portable, inconspicuous, wires-free giglight with adequate lighting power for real world use. Finally it has arrived! The light output is way beyond that of other battery-powered lights. Great product!
Bob Hamilton Orchestra teacher, Kamehameha Schools Honolulu, HI

I am extremely pleased with my new Super Giglight.  It's actually brighter then I thought it would be and covers the entire music area of my music stand with more than just "adequate" light.  It's also very lightweight with the batteries in place and comes with a nice carrying case.  I don't know yet how long the batteries last.  I've used it for two 2 &1/2 hr. gigs and the light is still bright!
Dr. Lyle S. Wilcox, Microsoft Orchestra - 1st Violin Northwest Symphony Orchestra – Viola Redmond, WA


New! Samuel Shen Basses & Cellos

New shipment of Samuel Shen Basses and Cellos to arrive end December 2009.
Please contact me to reserve yours to avoid disappointment.

Coming soon: SB100, SB150, SB180, SB200 Willow, SB200 Maple, SC180, SC200 Willow, SC200 Stradivari, SC300 Gofriller.

Featured bass and amp

For this month, a bass from the Christopher collection will be used for the highly acclaimed musical Victor/Victoria starring lead actress Laura Fygi. The Christopher 500 Series is chosen for its warmth and fat fundamental bass notes that pillow the rest of the 24-piece orchestra. Thumping & pulsing pizzicato drives the swing music by Henry Mancini; and yet the bass performs excellently well in bowing response. It's tone resonates and interplays beautifully during sections of music with the string quartet. This bass is violin cornered and spirit hand-varnished dressed with fine ebony and German machines. Pickup used is a Fishman Full Circle fitted with Evah Pirazzi strings.

The amp used to drive the orchestra is a moderately sized Phil Jones Bass "Super Flightcase". With only six 5" drivers, the bass is amplified adequately with enough juice to spare for loud big band passages. There is great low end extension and warmth with bowing passages sounding sweet and clear. What i really hear is the bass but just louder. Totally natural!