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Bass Loft Rentals

Bass Loft provides rental services for double basses and cellos in our inventory. Our basses has gone out to bass artistes for John Pizarelli, Diannes Reeves, Kurt Elling, Chris Botti, Count Basie Orchestra, etc and many more.

We have always received compliments for our basses and are constantly in touch with The Esplanade to provide the best bass possible for any concert. Basses are selected and set up based on artist preference and music genre whether it be jazz or classical. This is an aspect Bass Loft is proud of so that the correct bass closely matches the artiste's bass at home with his ensemble.

*Economy rental and student rental rates now available for only laminated / hybrid basses & cellos.

Drop me a message for any enquiries.

Rental Inventory :


Samuel Shen Double Basses
Christopher Double Basses
German 1950s Flatback
(Please contact me for details)


Samuel Shen Cellos
(Please contact me for details)


(Please contact me for details)


Phil Jones Bass M-500
Phil Jones Bass Six-Pak Combo
Acoustic Image Clarus 2R
Acoustic Image SL-R
Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0


Phil Jones Bass 9T & 6B
Phil Jones Bass 8B Neo
Phil Jones Bass Super Flightcase
Phil Jones Bass Flightcase
ACME B1 (2 Units)
ACME B2 (2 Units)
Raezer's Edge Bass 12

Floor Pedals

Sadowsky Preamp (New & old version)
Radial Bassbone
Radial PZ-Pre
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Bass
K&K Dual Channel PRO Preamp
K&K Quantum Blender
(and many more)