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*Discontinued - The Double Trolley

is the unique solution for any double bass player who wants a safe transport system for the double bass, and a high quality adjustable stool upholstered with genuine leather - all in one!

Double Trolley Double Trolley

In under 10 seconds you can transform the Double Trolley into a high quality stool and vice versa.

Four early users of the Double Trolley in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ditlev Damkjær (second from left) was the first to buy a Double Trolley back in 1999 - Double Trolley no.1! Katja Nielsen, Pernille Rømer, and Magdalena Entell were soon to follow. Now, bassists from more than 20 countries are currently enjoying the convenience and comfort of the Double Trolley.

"The Double Trolley is an ingenius initiative. At once it solves the two major problems for all bass players: It eases transportation and at the same time delivers the best bass stool I have ever sat on." Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - Double bass Jazz Legend (1946-2005)