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About Us

Bass Loft was created in 2005 to cater to the growing demands of double bass players in Singapore and Asia. This includes professionals as well as beginning students in orchestras and symphonic bands as young as 10 years old. As a bass player, I often find difficulty in getting quality accessories and instruments in the Singapore. For many years, the only option would be to order from USA and Europe which includes heavy shipping fees, anxiety in the quality of goods, inflexibility to return and of cos no warranty and minimal after sales service. All basses and accessories under Bass Loft have been carefully selected and tested so it meets my personal QC. These are instruments and accessories that I use to teach and most importantly gig with.

Bass Loft has customers from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philipines, Singapore and even parts of US and Europe. Some professionals, some hobbyist, as well as government schools looking for better and tone-quality basses that will last a long time. The importance lies in a professional setup and a player who understands the instrument extremely well; hence being able to adjust accordingly to each individual bassist's comfort and style, especially first-timers on double bass.

I believe in players satisfaction and will continue to do so to anyone professional or just beginning his or her first instrument.

"Bass Loft: The Place for Bass"

Brandon Wong
Bass Player, Singapore

About Brandon

I grew up in Singapore and studied electronic engineering hoping it will eventually lead me to R&D work. However the turning point came in 1996 when I decide to make music my passion and life, the double bass & electric bass took main stage amongst other instruments. Performances and teaching takes up most of my time, and the rest is dedicated to luthiery work from repairs, restorations, bow rehairs and setup, to offering advise to bass players about pickups and amplifications.

I have attended the VSA Oberlin Bass Workshop in June 2012 and was surrounded by many bass makers and luthiers wanting to improve every aspects of the double bass world. David Gage, Arnold Schnitzer, Jim Ham and Rodney Mohr were amongst the many gifted teachers offering valuable real world experience and advice to everyone present. The exchange of information, ideas, and scientific research were often too much to remember we have to document them in pictures, drawings and notes.

The double bass is is still a relatively unknown instrument to most people here and often been described as a big cello, big violin, big guitar, and anything that is associated with the word big whenever I walk the streets. There has never been a dedicated bass specialist in Singapore and I hope to bring to awareness that this instrument is not as scary as it looks. I hope to see more bass players enjoying their instruments, regardless of what make their basses are or what genre of music they are playing.

God Bless!