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More Basses from Shen

Bass Loft has new inventory for SB80, SB100 and SB150 entry level basses. A special SB1000 Solo Model from Shen has also arrived end 2011. It features a sloped shoulder for easy access to high position and bigger lower bout for more volume. This bass sings well under the bow and features a crazily flamed maple back and sides, powerful to be heard in an ensemble or orchestra setting. It definitely moves air under the fingers with the correct strings for jazz as well. Drop me a message for an audition of the bass.

There is also two 400 series fully carved basses from Christopher. A Flatback and Busetto with beautiful dark antique finish.

Also from Christopher is two detachable neck flightcase to be sold individually for those looking to convert their basses into removable necks. These retail at USD$2100. Call for special price from Bass Loft.