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Featured bass and amp

For this month, a bass from the Christopher collection will be used for the highly acclaimed musical Victor/Victoria starring lead actress Laura Fygi. The Christopher 500 Series is chosen for its warmth and fat fundamental bass notes that pillow the rest of the 24-piece orchestra. Thumping & pulsing pizzicato drives the swing music by Henry Mancini; and yet the bass performs excellently well in bowing response. It's tone resonates and interplays beautifully during sections of music with the string quartet. This bass is violin cornered and spirit hand-varnished dressed with fine ebony and German machines. Pickup used is a Fishman Full Circle fitted with Evah Pirazzi strings.

The amp used to drive the orchestra is a moderately sized Phil Jones Bass "Super Flightcase". With only six 5" drivers, the bass is amplified adequately with enough juice to spare for loud big band passages. There is great low end extension and warmth with bowing passages sounding sweet and clear. What i really hear is the bass but just louder. Totally natural!
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